...in a world after the Day of Judgement,
where all the graves of the dead opened,
only the hardest could survive,
one of them was

X-TRON - the Comicaze album no. 2
a story from the end of time, more monstrous than Godzilla, more erotic than any zombie, more Action than Bruce Lee.
22 pages, b/w, coloured sleeve, all textes in german language.
Textes/story: Gerhard Schlegel, Heiner Lünstedt, Michael Kompa
Artworks: Gerhard Schlegel, Maximilian Lückenhaus, Michael Kaintoch
...can be purchased from well-sorted comic dealers in Germany or directly from Comicaze e.V..

     Cover and intro text by Gerhard Schlegel/Laska Comix